Paradies : Glaube – *

Posted: November 25, 2013 in 2012, Austria, Drama, Social Drama, X

The middle part of Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise trilogy focusses on Anna Maria, the pious sister of Teresa (who goes to Kenya in the first movie to find herself some exotic love). It’s a different type of woman. She got married to a muslim once, but after he got paralyzed and went away to Egypt for a while, she converted to a very strict Opus Dei-like Catholicism. She gathers with other believers to pray for Austria to become catholic again. She goes from door to door with a statue of the virgin Mary to convert sinners. And she has a perverted sexual and sadomasochistic obsession with Jesus. When her husband returns, she gets all confused and her faith becomes even more extreme.

If this sounds TOO MUCH, don’t bother watching. The voyeuristic and humorous aspect of the first movie are gone. So what’s left is a depiction of a very sad lady who lives a very sad life. Even the shocking scenes (an orgy by mentally disabled people in the city park and a masturbation scene with a catholic cross) are sad. That said, it’s well acted again. Both by Maria Hofstätter (an experienced actress) and Nabil Saleh (a random muslim who’s never acted before). And the photography is again awesome.


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