Blackfish – ***

Posted: December 13, 2013 in 2013, Documentary, Thriller, USA, XXX


I don’t think I want to ever visit SeaWorld again. (even though the work at the San Diego park really impressed me when I was doing a behind the scenes tour with German veterinarians back in 1999)

So, unlike other documentaries that attack one particular institution, this one is very efficient.

There are only a few scenes where I felt that this animal rights / anti capitalist lobby documentary was biased. For the most part, the people interviewed and the facts given were pretty neutral.

Here’s the story: a few years ago an experienced killer whale trainer died during a horrifying attack by one particular orca called Tilikum. This was all over the news and started a debate on how to protect trainers from killer whales that parks like SeaWorld all too often want to promote as big dolphins. As it turns out Tilikum had injured and killed other people before, so Sea World was aware that there was a risk for their employees.

The captivity of animals is a debate that has been going on for decades. Using them in shows for human entertainment as well. That’s not new. It’s still shocking, but there are plenty of examples of how zoological parks also contribute to preserving nature. But the fact that a park like SeaWorld would prefer to call the attack an ‘accident’ and ‘mistake of the trainer’ is just plain atrocious. And disrespectful.

This is a well made documentary. And unintentionally feels like a thriller as well.



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