Mud – **

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Crime/Detective, Drama

Mud makes the 2013 toplist of many film critics. It’s easy to understand why. It’s the kind of art house movie that is directed well, set in a typical non mainstream setting, has two big names play atypical roles and bombed at the box office because it didn’t get a major release. 

Then somehow iTunes made it a .99 rental of the week! For a movie that is still up for awards! 

Okay,  the directing is really good. The way the camera moves over the river along which the story is set, fascinates. And the pace may be dull for some, but it just works for this kind of story. 

The story however didn’t do it for me. And the acting neither.

Two kids find a boat stuck up a tree on an island within a river delta. They claim the boat until someone else seems to be using it as a hideout. The guy is called Mud and befriends the boys, who bring him food and boat repairing gear. One of the kids, Ellis, learns that his parents will divorce and that the floating houseboat he’s living in will be torn down. The other kid, Neckbone, hasn’t met his parents at all and lives with his uncle. So according to art house movie logics they are the perfect kids to trust a criminal and do all kinds of illegal things for him.

Mud is played by Matthew McConaughey, who – just like Brad Pitt – tries too hart to be taken seriously as an actor. Sorry, you don’t see Mud, you see Matthew. Reese Witherspoon just has a cameo really, which is too bad, because she could deliver in an indieflic. And the boys. Well they aren’t professional actors and don’t act professionally either. 

So, no, it won’t make my top ten list. It’s not bad. It’s just not really that good.

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