Starbuck – 1/2

Posted: December 20, 2013 in 1/2, 2011, Canada, Comedy

Both in France and the US there’s a new comedy being released about some loser who used to donate sperm for money and now turns out to be the father of more than 500 children, several of which gathered together to find out the identity of the donor.

I saw both trailers at around the same time. The story resemblance baffled me. But I was quick to learn that the two comedies are remakes of a little known foreign language comedy which topped the box office charts in its home country.

The home country is – surprise – Canada and the foreign language is québécois. I understand French very well, but I absolutely need subtitles of anything French-Canadian. Especially comedies. Where dialogues and remarks are supposed to be funny.

Alas. Nothing funny about this Starbuck, which is humorless, plotless and pointless. The ‘idea’ is interesting, the realization of it terrible. I’m sure both remakes suck too.

The American remake doesn’t look good:

The French remake looks bad too:

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