The Big Bang Theory : Season 3 – **

Posted: December 23, 2013 in 2009, 2010, Comedy, USA, XX

There are still a few very good episodes in this season, but there are also some episodes that are annoying and boring. The producers somehow put the focus too much on Sheldon, who may still be the funniest and most interesting character of the show, but isn’t the only one. As a central figure, Leonard remains in Sheldon’s shadow. Penny is very present as well, but doesn’t get as many funny lines. Raj and Howard are funny sidekicks, but are still sidekicks. This should be about FIVE people, not about ONE person and the four people he sees the most in his life. 23 episodes of Sheldon and his ‘friends’ is too much.

The final episode is a good one though, making you look forward to the next season.

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