Potiche – **

Posted: December 24, 2013 in 2010, Comedy, France, XX

Francois Ozon has made some remarkable movies in the past two decades. Even when they aren’t really all that good, they still fascinate some way or another. Potiche is one of the lesser of his work, even though Catherine Deneuve is excellent or excéllent as this is a French comedy set in a time when union workers start going on strike. Deneuve plays a housewife (a potiche) who has to replace her husband as the boss of an umbrella factory where there is social unrest. Suddenly she realizes that there’s more to her than just pleasing her husband and she becomes a symbol for female empowerment.

That sounds much more serious than it is. After all, it’s a comedy. But it’s a Ozonedy, so quite quirky. The period settings is kitschy. The (over)acting is camp. But the story lacks draaaamaaa!


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