Exit Marrakech – **

Posted: January 25, 2014 in 2013, Drama, Germany, Road Trip, XX

A conceited, smart, but troubled kid needs to start his summer holidays in Marrakech with his father who is there to stage a play during a cultural festival. Their relationship is strained as the divorced father is hardly ever-present in the adolescent’s life and the only reason for the invitation is for the boy to meet his six-year-old half-sister who starts asking about her big brother. Time to run away from all the pressure and so, after a few days, the young man disappears into the Moroccan mountains and the father goes out looking for him.

There’s nothing really bad about this father/son tale. But it is quickly forgotten. The setting is a blessing and reason enough for watching this exotic road movie. The performances of the main actors are good, but their characters are tedious and despicable. You just want them to get killed in the desert. The story also focuses too much on these two protagonists, when the interesting people (the Moroccan characters) seem to disappear from the story as if they were just part of the scenery. Whatever happened to the prostitute or the gay theatre workers? For a moment it feels like you will learn about the Marrakech underground scene of sex, drugs and rock’ n roll. Instead you learn about a father who comes to realise he has neglected his son and a son who realises he should stop acting like a prick towards his dad. YAWN.


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