Downton Abbey – Season 2: *1/2

Posted: February 27, 2014 in 2011, Costume Drama, Romance, TV series, UK, USA, X1/2

Season two of this successful BBC show, starts in the trenches of Northern France during the First World War. After all, the story takes place in the 1910s and the Great War had a huge impact on the life of aristocracy around Europe. The count and his family decide to open up their castle for wounded soldiers who need to recover. That’s very noble of course, but nobody really watches this show for its historical references.

After a few episodes it’s very clear what this show really is: a soap opera. Mary still loves Matthew, but Matthew is now in love with Lavinia and wants to marry her. Since Mary is damaged goods she accepts the proposal of a media magnate, partly because he also threatens to reveal her secret if she doesn’t do what he says. Anna wants to marry John but Sarah warns John’s ex-wife. Daisy gets engaged to William but only because he would keep up his spirits at the front. Oh and Lady of the house Cora is so busy that Count Robert gets it on with a housemaid even though he opposes to his youngest daughter Sibyl getting married to the chauffeur.  Edith then gets it going with a married farmer.

And this goes on and on and on.

I can’t be bothered with season 3. I’m sure it’s good as a soap, but as a historically accurate period setting it’s not.


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