Ying Xiong (Hero) – *1/2

Posted: February 27, 2014 in 2002, Action, China, Historical, War, X1/2

Tony Chio Wai Leung impressed me so much in Lust/Caution that I want to see all of his work! He also stars in Hero, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-like epic Chinese costume action movie, which I once started to watch but failed to finish. Time to put in that forgotten dvd and persevere…

Sure, it’s epic. The cinematography is awesome. The scenes with masses of extras building up an army or guarding the king’s palace are impressive. And Tony Leung is brilliant in all the scenes he’s in. But as a whole, this is not a memorable movie. The fight scenes are choreographed like dance recitals and don’t impress. ‘Hovering in the air before finally striking’ looks very dated anno 2014. Jet Li has no facial expression at all and looks/talks/acts nothing like a hero. And there’s no captivating story.

A royal ruler accepts the invitation of a man who claims to have killed his most dangerous enemies. After each heroic account, the man is allowed to come closer to the king. At one point however, the king gets paranoid and gives his take on the accounts. These different interpretations are a great tool to see multiple fight scenes between the same people, but it’s not good storytelling.

Disappointed, but glad to have persevered this second time around.


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