Brasserie Romantiek – (*)

Posted: March 2, 2014 in 1/2, 2012, Drama, Flanders, Romance

What a bore.

A divorced brother and a single sister run a restaurant and are open for business on Valentine’s day. It’s going to be a rough evening with little love.

The soundtrack is good. And the idea of dividing the story according to the courses on the menu is clever too. But that’s about it.

The stories are unbelievable and ridiculous. (a woman plays russian roulette with a box of chocolates, one of which may contain a deadly mix of drugs; a former lover comes back after 23 years to ask his former girlfriend – the owner – to leave for Buenos Aires with him after the restaurant closes; a woman decides to leave her  husband after 17 years of marriage; a loser waits impatiently for his blind date to show up and needs to consult his alter ego in the restroom mirror to build up confidence, … ) The acting is bad. There’s absolutely no heart in this romantic drama. There’s a gay couple and a black woman, but they are just PC extra’s and have no lines.

Really bad.


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