E.R. Season 11 – **1/2

Posted: March 7, 2014 in 2006, Disease of the week, Dramedy, Romance, USA, XX1/2

Watching a season of E.R. as preparation to a First Aid course does wonders! It really does. Sure, you hear all kinds of medical terminology that you will never use. But they do show a lot of simple and basic techniques that can help in a case of emergency.

Of course, the First Aid course was just an excuse to start watching E.R. again. Especially if the dvd box of Season 11 only cost 5 euro.

There was a time when the show was incredibly popular both in the US and other parts of the world. Many a viewer of the George Clooney episodes may not realize that this series lasted a record 15 years. At least for those viewers who live in countries where the show got shifted from a main network to a niche channel.

Season Eleven feels like a new start. Almost like a spin off. It takes a few episodes to get to know all the new characters, especially if you haven’t watched any of the previous 5 seasons. Sure, you miss the familiar faces, but it doesn’t matter. It also does not feel outdated at all. First shown in 2006, and still quite realistic in 2014.

This really isn’t the bad season people claim it to be. Some episodes are really captivating and well directed. Each episode is an entity on its own, sometimes focussing on one theme only. It’s quite frustrating to care for a certain patient and then never hear how his or her story ends. But that’s what makes E.R. quite interesting. In the end, the staff also don’t learn what happened to the patients after they left the hospital.  The acting is overall pleasant. And it’s in fact the new comers who steal the show.

A great re-introduction and hopefully the other seasons are still in the (second hand) store

The worst episode: Time Of Death (for which Ray Liotta won awards!)

The best episode: Alone In A Crowd (with Cynthia Nixon suffering from a stroke)


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