The Grand Budapest Hotel – ***

Posted: March 10, 2014 in 2014, Action, Comedy, USA, XXX

Wes Anderson makes very unique movies. He doesn’t only have a very distinguished visual style, his scripts are close to being totally absurd.  Moonrise Kingdom had the critics raving and did kind of well at the box office. And so the hopes are high for his new movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. 

The critics will rave again, but the mass audience will most likely give it another skip. It’s still amazing that people prefer seeing Adam Sandler comedies than this sort of fun entertainment.

The ‘story’ takes places in a fictitious hotel in a fictitious country, but clearly  refers to central Europe being invaded by the German Nazis back in the thirties of last century. The references and made-up names are very clever and funny, so it’s surprising that they chose a real city’s name in the title. This has NOTHING to do with Hungary’s capital whatsoever.

Apart from the very colorful visual flair of the movie, it’s again the wonderful cast who deliver most of the fun! The excellent Ralph Fiennes is a dandy concierge at the hotel and knows how to charm the old and rich ladies who come there to retreat. One of them (a great Tilda Swinton) dies and leaves him something in her will. That something is a valuable painting called ‘The Boy With The Apple’ from a fictitious Dutch Master (they could have made it a Flemish Master, but whatever). The rest of the family disagrees with the will and especially the son (Adrian Brody) wants to get rid of this concierge. He uses a creepy hit man (a scary Willem Dafoe) to kill anyone who gets in his way. All of this is told by Mr Moustafa (a charming F. Murray Abraham) to a young writer staying at the hotel (Jude Law – unimpressive as always). Mr Moustafa experienced everything first hand as the piccolo of the hotel and sidekick to the concierge. That part is incredibly well performed by ‘newcomer’ Tony Revelori. And the list goes on and on… 

Just watch it.


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