Enough Said – **1/2

Posted: March 26, 2014 in 2013, romcom, USA, XX1/2

While on a river cruise, the choice of movies is limited. Moreover, the selection does not cater for the young, but for an older generation. New this year are Last Vegas and All Is Lost, two movies which I still need to finish. Both films are boring and humorless, which especially is a problem for the first title as it is supposed to be a comedy.

So far I’ve only discovered one gem: Enough Said, a rom com for fifty year olds about a divorced mom who meets a divorced  father and hit it off immediately. The problem: she’s a masseuse and her new client turns out to be the ex of the guy she’s now dating.

Sounds silly and nothing you would even consider watching unless you’re in your fifties and divorced. but it’s definitely worthwhile.  It surprises in its simplicity and realness. The story is very believable. It’s neo-realism. It almost feels like a European movie. Almost.

The interest in this movie got a sinister boost after supporting actor James Gandolfini died from a heart attack three months before its US release. So, it will be known as the ‘last movie’ of ‘Tony Soprano’. However, the real star of this chick flick is Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Her character is well-written and greatly performed. Maybe there wasn’t all that much acting involved and Julia just played herself. But she does a marvelous job. She’s even stealing the show from the great Catherine Keener (who plays the ex).

It’s refreshing to watch a romantic comedy with characters who are mature and rational about starting a new relationship. Sure there’s the insecurity and the butterflies and the flirtation, but it goes with a lot of humor and down-to-earthiness.




  1. Eva says:

    I watched this in Linz and really enjoyed it -sort of like a soap opera with characters you like and care about ! t
    Totally agree that it had a European feel to it !
    If you liked this then try Weekend in Paris by Roger Michel ,just out .
    Superb acting by English stalwarts Lindsey Duncun and Jim Broadbent.

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