The Happy Sad – *

Posted: March 30, 2014 in 2013, Dramedy, LGBT themed, romcom, USA, X


After six months of dating, Annie wants a break from her boyfriend Stan. She tells him she’s been seeing her friend & colleague Mandy, which isn’t really true, but it’s better than saying she is afraid of a long-lasting future with him.

After six years of dating, Aaron en his boyfriend Marcus decide to try an open relationship, with the only rule that none should fall in love with whoever they bring home for sex.

Guess what. Stan is so upset about his girlfriend’s lesbian affair that he goes online and hooks up with Marcus. Annie tells her friend Mandy about the lie and ends up in bed with her. Stan en Annie get together again. But Mandy feels hurt for being dumped. And Marcus falls in love with Stan, which upsets Aaron.

That’s it really.

It may work on a hipster performance stage in Williamsburg, but it does not work as a movie.

Almost everything feels wrong. The acting, the script, the dialogue, the soundtrack… It’s not badly directed to be honest, but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s hard to diss a low-budget indie flick which was made with a lot of love and creativity, but if it would have been a European movie it could have worked better.

Why do so many moviemakers have such a fear of showing real scenes of real situations between real people. Why does everything have to be so standardized and (badly) scripted. None of the characters here have any substance whatsoever. You can’t empathize with none of them. They are a bunch of superficial losers who need to get their act together.

All this coming from an ever confused forty-year eternal child!

What a disappointment.

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