Le Week-End – *

Posted: May 10, 2014 in 2013, Dramedy, France, romcom, UK, X

Sorry, Eva,

What a drag!

Started watching this more than a month ago and fell asleep. Re-started watching it earlier last week and guess what, I fell asleep again. Finished it while packing though, because Paris looks gorgeous and the acting is really good. But what annoying characters!

I just can’t relate to couples who are married for thirty years, clearly hate being with each other, but can’t live without one another, constantly bigger and fight and then make up, talk about philosophy and art with an arrogance that may be very suited for hanging around in Paris, but conflicts with their random acts of mediocrity. Their behaviour is so despicable that you just want to throw shit at them and call it ‘art’.


  1. redstuffdan says:

    Agree – Absolutement nul

  2. Eva says:

    Yeah but great footage of the Madison from Band of Outsiders !!!

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