Night Moves – **

Posted: May 10, 2014 in 2013, Drama, Political, Terrorist, Thriller, USA, XX

A trio of ecological terrorists plan to blow up a reservoir dam. The first half of the movie leads up to the attack, the second half focuses on the aftermath. Knowing if the attack is successful or not will ruin the experience, so be careful reading reviews that focus too much on the plot. Maybe not watch the trailer either. But it’s necessary to know that the most intriguing parts of the story happen in the middle. The beginning is a bit confusing and it feels like the creators took a last-minute decision about the end.

It’s an original way of telling a story though. And it’s interesting to see a movie about environmentalists that doesn’t feel like it’s lobbying for their cause or stereotyping them too much. It’s set in beautiful Oregon – the most environment-friendly state – and it does show organic farmers living in a neo-hippie community listening to folk music and refraining from going on the Internet. But it also shows the terrorists buying a 10 000 dollar boat and driving a non-hybrid four-wheel truck. It puts things in perspective.

It’s a slow-paced dramatic thriller, with credible acting by the very convincing Dakota Fanning, the surprisingly non-annoying Peter Sarsgaard and the ever-semi-autistic Jesse Eisenberg.


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