Deux Jours, Une Nuit – *1/2

Posted: May 29, 2014 in 2014, Belgium, Drama, Social Drama, X1/2

A woman working at a solar panel factory learns that she’s getting fired. She was off on sick leave and during her absence the 16 other workers managed to do the same work. So why not give them an extra bonus of a 1000 euro and let her go? A choice vote is organized before the weekend and almost all the colleagues prefer the bonus. Something isn’t right about the vote though as several workers got threatened by a supervisor that if they wouldn’t choose the bonus they would also get fired. One of them goes to the boss and he agrees on organizing a new vote after the weekend. All the woman has to do now is convince enough of her colleagues to vote against the bonus so she can keep her job. She has two days and one night to do so.

Most viewers who will see this movie will support her begging quest and loathe the company’s management or selfish behavior of the colleagues who prefer the bonus. Others will just find this one big joke and loathe the one-sided, biased attack on middle management. Whatever your political and moral beliefs are, they will not change after watching this poorly scripted story. It’s a totally predictable and repetitive bore with an uninteresting main character who never captivates. Marion Cottilard – one of the best actresses of our times – is acting very bland as if she has no idea who her character is. And after two hours the audience doesn’t know either. You can’t blame Cottilard really, but you can blame the brothers Dardenne. They have made some really thought-provoking, socially critical movies in the past, but now totally miss the opportunity to tell a good story, with great character development and memorable dialogue that will make moviegoers ‘think’. Sometimes you just have to tell a story in a neutral way in order to get someone’s attention. It only annoys when you make it a good people vs bad people story. This is not Disney. This is life.


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