Scandal – Season 1 – **

Posted: May 30, 2014 in 2012, Crime/Detective, Political, Thriller, USA, XX

The first season of this political television drama only has seven episodes and doesn’t end with a finale. So it is just an introduction to what’s coming next. And that does look promising.  Not all is great, but Kerry Washington is amazing and her character is quite fascinating. Olivia Pope runs a company that covers up scandals for the rich and powerful. That ranges from clearing the name of a suspect of murder or rape to getting back the kidnapped family of a military dictator. It’s all very far-fetched and little plausible (especially the latter case), but it’s entertaining. She always trusts her guts and her co-workers are absolute experts, but her judgement is clouded when the White House asks for her help. The president is rumored to have had an affair with an intern and now the girl threatens to go to the press. Only Olivia can help! However, we soon learn that Olivia and the president also have an amorous past and the feelings are still present. You learn all about it in a flashback episode, which kind of ruins the thrilling experience of the first episodes which are filled with distrust and revenge. So, in short, it’s enjoyable pulp entertainment with a great main character.

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