War Horse – **1/2

Posted: June 3, 2014 in 2011, Action, Adventure, Children/Family, USA, War, XX1/2

There’s something weird about War Horse that just doesn’t make it as brilliant as other Spielberg directed family entertainment movies. First, there’s the overly dramatic direction and storytelling. The score is great and the cinematography is excellent, but there’s just too much of it. It’s a long and exciting roller coaster full of fantastic colors,  immense emotions, tremendous fighting scenes and an enormous orchestra. It looks and sounds like Gone With The Wind times two. Secondly, unlike E.T. which was touching for both adults and children, this movie will leave children devastated and adults disappointed. It’s an adventure story of a horse where the human characters are only extras! Yet it  contains several scenes that only grown ups can handle. There are death horses and bodies everywhere. It’s a hardcore war movie at times. And a simple children’s story at other times. Very confusing. And last but not least, the all American director tried to make a European movie with dozens of British and Irish actors speaking their version of English and French and German actors speaking English with a European accent. Why on earth would two German officers speak English with a German accent to each other? It’s 2014. Get used to subtitles or dub it without the accents.

But however weird it feels, it’s an entertaining movie.


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