Eigen Kweek – ***1/2

Posted: June 8, 2014 in 2013, Comedy, Crime/Detective, Flanders, TV series, XXX1/2

After losing all of his money a potato farmer decides to grow marijuana to get the money back fast. He got the idea after his youngest son got busted dealing drugs. The oldest son, who also lost a lot of money but believes the insurance will pay him back, is unaware of his family’s new business. He has other things on his mind: he just had a Filipino girl come over to become his wife.

The story isn’t original. First there was Saving Grace, then there was Weeds and Breaking Bad made the whole average-people-start-dealing-drugs hype complete. But this West-Flemish version is entertaining nevertheless. First and foremost the show is hilarious. The humor is absurd and incredibly ‘Flemish’, meaning that the situations and references are so local that no-one else will get them. In fact, most of the funny scenes refer heavily to the West-Flemish dialect and to the West-Flenglish that is spoken between the main characters and the Filipinos. Not all will like it. But maybe the Brits will. Second of all the story moves forward like a roller coaster. Because of its absurdity, it doesn’t matter if some plot twists are far-fetched. It’s a comedy! Not a crime series. Yet, it all looks so believable and the six episodes are over before you know it. Then there is the cinematography. It’s a low-budget series, but the hilly sides of the Flanders Fields area (and Bruges) make you want to book a weekend trip to discover the area. And last but not least, the acting is EXCELLENT. Especially by Wim Willaert, the oldest son, who anyone can empathize with: the loser with a golden heart.

Apparently there is a second and a third season planned and they  might work as well. Six episodes just make for an introduction. And a great one at that.


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