Amour Sur Place Ou A Emporter – **

Posted: June 15, 2014 in 2014, Comedy, France, Romance, romcom, XX

Amelle is a young French woman of Algerian descent who works as a manager in a Paris Starbucks cafe. Moom is a young French man of Malinese descent who starts working at the same place. They fall in love and hang out a lot, but whereas Moom can’t wait to take their relationship to the next level (that is: having sex), Amelle wants to wait until she’s really sure he’s the right guy. This sounds incredibly dull, but it somehow entertains because the movie makes fun of the stereotypical behavior of French citizens with a Magreb or African background. Amelle Chahbi, who portrays the main character is also the director and does a really good job at both. Her acting may be too autobiographical, but her directing is refreshing and balanced. Noom Dawara is a joy to watch as the very patient boyfriend. He may pretend to be a player, but is the kind of romantic lead any female director of romantic comedies wishes to be. There are also two caucasian sidekicks who the multicultural feel complete.

It’s a chick flick for multicultural thirtysomethings from the big city that can be enjoyed by men as well. There is a lot of humor and there is a lot of romance, which basically makes it an ideal romantic comedy. But by the end it becomes a bit of a drag. Viewers with culturally mixed friends might recognize several situations, but not all of them may be regarded as funny. When Amelle starts puling the racist card in a movie theater after annoying the hell out of other moviegoers, it’s meant as a joke, but it’s painfully realistic and embarrassing. That one scene will make you lose all the empathy you had for her during the first half of the movie. Unless you find it funny to make a loud scene in a movie theater and then accusing others for being racists after they tell you to shut the fuck up. Luckily, the majority of the other scenes work incredibly well. Not original at all, but refreshing nevertheless.

  1. zhaoul says:

    Sounds interesting

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