The Big Bang Theory – Season 4 & Season 5 – ** / *1/2

Posted: July 10, 2014 in 2010, Comedy, TV series, USA, XX

It’s okay.

The laughs aren’t coming from Sheldon (who becomes so annoying you just want to stop watching the show) or Leonard & Penny (who both are as unfunny as possible), but from the four real stars of the show: new comers Amy and Bernadette and original cast members Raj and Howard. Oh and the voice of Howard’s mother.

Great how the funniest scene is on youtube. Probably because a lot of people think it’s funny.

Season 5 is more of the same. Howard and Amy bring the laughter. Bernadette and Raj are great side kicks. The three ‘main’ characters are superfluous. Penny and Leonard are boring as hell. And enough of Sheldon.


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