The Bling Ring *1/2

Posted: July 10, 2014 in 2013, Crime/Detective, Drama, USA, X1/2

Thanks to a shitty WordPress App, which can’t seem to save drafts, this entry had to be re-written.

Well, nope, it won’t get the same review. 

The Bling Ring is as empty its the characters. However, Sophia Coppola’s directing does manage to get your attention for a full 90 minutes. Emma Watson is a delight and the musical score is interesting. But it’s unclear if this is meant to be a social critique, a parody, a factual account or a heroic tale. A lonely and bored gay kid who’s new to LA finds a group of despicable young adults who decide to break in and ‘shop’ in the houses of fashionista celebrities. It’s based on true facts and it often feels as if Coppola actually likes these superficial nitwits and their antics. This is a depiction of society at its worst. And it kind of glorifies it.


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