X-Men: Days Of Future Past – **1/2

Posted: July 10, 2014 in 2014, Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, USA, XX1/2

Thanks to a shitty Wordpress App, which can’t seem to save drafts, this entry had to be re-written.

Well, nope, it won’t get the same review. 

Finally a great action blockbuster! And not surprisingly made by Bryan Singer, who also directed the first two episodes of the best cinematic comic series ever. It’s pretty cool how the makers were able to connect the original series (set in the near future) with the rebooted series (set in the seventies). However, it focuses more on the young Magneto (an ever cool Michael Fassbender) and Professor X (a great James McAvoy) and leaves fans of the older ones a little bit unsatisfied. Ian McKellen has almost nothing to say or do. 😦

It has the best scene of any movie so far this year: new character Quicksilver changes events in an incredibly cool way. Just check it out for that scene only.



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