Gremlins – **1/2

Posted: July 12, 2014 in 1984, Children/Family, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, USA, XX1/2

Another childhood classic!

30 years ago Billy Peltzer received a special christmas gift from his father: a mogwai called Gizmo. It’s a furry little animal found in a Chinese pawn shop in New York. It should be kept in the dark, can’t get in touch with water and can’t be fed after midnight. Of course things go awry and in no time, the little town of Kingston Falls is ravaged by Gizmo’s offspring: the monstrous Gremlins.

More of a comedy than a horror movie, this fantasy cult classic remains a lot of fun. The story doesn’t make sense at all, already from its very first scene, so the makers decided to go over the top and create absurd situations that will make any young movie fan die from laughing.

It’s less hilarious when you’re 30 years older, but some scenes are classic. Like the one where Billy’s mother isn’t scared at all to attack the Gremlins who are destroying her kitchen. Because, hey, it’s her kitchen! “Get Out Of My Kitchen!”

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