Superman – *

Posted: July 12, 2014 in 1978, Fantasy, USA, X

Some million light years away, a planet is about to implode and baby Kar-El is sent off on a long journey to planet earth by his scientist father. When the kid arrives in the Midwest of all places, he’s adopted by the shocked farmers that witnessed his space shuttle crash into some vegetable field. They name him Clark Kent and raise him as their own. He’s a nerdy kid with special powers that no-one should ever learn about. Until he’s an adult and moves to the city of Metropolis, which looks too much like plain old New York. He gets a job as a journalist and falls in love with his colleague Lois Lane, who he charms not by being his nerdy self, but by changing into a superhero called Superman. Oh, he does help fight general injustice as well and needs to prevent real estate magnate Lex Luthor to create an earthquake in California. But he’s in love with Lois Lane, which is well, more important really.

Nothing makes sense is this badly written and even worse directed superhero blockbuster from the late seventies. Nothing makes sense at all. The story is crap and the special effects are not only silly but totally unrealistic. Almost every other scene makes you wonder how this could have once been called a great cinema experience. It’s CRAP!

But it’s camp. And it brings back childhood memories.


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