Casse-tête Chinois (Chinese Puzzle) – **

Posted: July 17, 2014 in 2013, Dramedy, France, romcom, XX

After the great L’Auberge Espagnol and all its fond memories of being an exchange student, there was the disappointing Les Poupées Russes, which, well, was so disappointing you can hardly remember anything from it. And now, out of the blue kinda, there is the third episode in this trilogy around Xavier Rousseau, a confused writer who loves to make his life complicated.

The problem with trilogies of any kind is that you need to have seen the first two episodes. If you haven’t, then this movie won’t be any good. Should you still consider, know this: at age 20 French student Xavier went to Barcelona and met people from all over Europe. Also fooled around with some girls, much to the despair of his girlfriend. At age 30 he meets one of the other exchange students again at some reunion and they decided to start a relationship. So now he’s 40 and the mother of his two children decides to break up, leave Paris and move to New York. In order to get to see his children he decides to follow her to the big apple and write a new book about the complexity of his life. And it gets complicated. In order to stay in the US he needs to find a job, or better, marry an American. He reunites with his French-Speaking Belgian and lesbian friend who now also lives in New York with her girlfriend and wants him to be a sperm donor for their child. And flying in from Paris is his former ex girlfriend who wants to rekindle their relationship.

Again, only fun if you’ve seen the other movies. Let it be a warning.

Not all is good (the acting of Cecile de France is deplorable, the story is very predictable) but some scenes are really cool (the imaginary visits of German philosophers, the search for lodging via craiglist and google maps), and it all takes place in New York, which makes any movie watchable.

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