Boyhood – ***1/2

Posted: July 21, 2014 in 2014, Coming Of Age, Dramedy, USA, XXX1/2

Tbe movie experience of the moment is Boyhood, a charming coming of age story by Richard Linklater, the maker of the excellent Before-trilogy and the underrated Bernie. It’s filmed during a period of 12 years and you can see the main character grow from a confused little kid to a confused freshman in college!

In the end, it’s just a charming coming of age story, but one which never bores. It never feels like a documentary at all and the editors do a marvelous job by letting the years go by smoothly. No ‘one year later’ boards, just different haircuts and more pimples. A lot of things happen in the boy’s life, but mentioning them will ruin all the fun. Most of them are perfectly trivial anyways, some are funny, others touching, a few heartbreaking.

It’s an utterly enjoyable movie. But only for some. Many in the audience tonight were there for all the wrong reasons. A popular weekly magazine had a free ticket attached to its last issue. Quite a spectacular stint, which may make this a surprise box office hit in its initial week of release. However, the room was filled with men and women who don’t know anything about growing up in America, indie music, video games or social networks. They missed out on all the fun. It’s a very American (Texan) indie flick with a lot of references to all things (American) that (liberal raised artistic) kids liked in the past 12 years. It feels very real and very positive.

Forget about the monsters in The Bling Ring, there is still hope for the future after watching this kids become an adult.

Great cinema.

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