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Thanks to a shitty Wordpress App, which can’t seem to save drafts, this entry had to be re-written.

Well, nope, it won’t get the same review. 

Finally a great action blockbuster! And not surprisingly made by Bryan Singer, who also directed the first two episodes of the best cinematic comic series ever. It’s pretty cool how the makers were able to connect the original series (set in the near future) with the rebooted series (set in the seventies). However, it focuses more on the young Magneto (an ever cool Michael Fassbender) and Professor X (a great James McAvoy) and leaves fans of the older ones a little bit unsatisfied. Ian McKellen has almost nothing to say or do. 😦

It has the best scene of any movie so far this year: new character Quicksilver changes events in an incredibly cool way. Just check it out for that scene only.

Inside Llewyn Davis – 1/2

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Thanks to a shitty Wordpress App, which can’t seem to save drafts, this entry had to be re-written.

Well, nope, it won’t get the same review. 

Another boring movie of the most overrated director duo in Hollywood. An unappealing antihero, an annoying soundtrack (unless you like folky singer songwriter stuff), supporting characters that feel more like cameo’s and add nothing to the story, …. yawn…. Luckily the cinematography is good.

The Bling Ring *1/2

Posted: July 10, 2014 in 2013, Crime/Detective, Drama, USA, X1/2

Thanks to a shitty WordPress App, which can’t seem to save drafts, this entry had to be re-written.

Well, nope, it won’t get the same review. 

The Bling Ring is as empty its the characters. However, Sophia Coppola’s directing does manage to get your attention for a full 90 minutes. Emma Watson is a delight and the musical score is interesting. But it’s unclear if this is meant to be a social critique, a parody, a factual account or a heroic tale. A lonely and bored gay kid who’s new to LA finds a group of despicable young adults who decide to break in and ‘shop’ in the houses of fashionista celebrities. It’s based on true facts and it often feels as if Coppola actually likes these superficial nitwits and their antics. This is a depiction of society at its worst. And it kind of glorifies it.

It’s okay.

The laughs aren’t coming from Sheldon (who becomes so annoying you just want to stop watching the show) or Leonard & Penny (who both are as unfunny as possible), but from the four real stars of the show: new comers Amy and Bernadette and original cast members Raj and Howard. Oh and the voice of Howard’s mother.

Great how the funniest scene is on youtube. Probably because a lot of people think it’s funny.

Season 5 is more of the same. Howard and Amy bring the laughter. Bernadette and Raj are great side kicks. The three ‘main’ characters are superfluous. Penny and Leonard are boring as hell. And enough of Sheldon.

Just weeks after Amour Sur Place Ou A Emporter there’s another multicultural comedy playing in theaters all over French-speaking Europe. It’s again filled with stereotypical clichés and it has again Noom Diawara in its cast. That kid needs to find another part soon or he’ll be burnt forever. This time around he doesn’t really star in the movie, which focuses on a catholic bourgeois couple from Chinon, whose oldest three daughters all married a ‘new’ Frenchmen. One is the spouse of a banker from Chinese descent, the other is married to a lawyer from Algerian descent and the other tied the nod with a Sephardic Jew from Paris. The movie starts at the Brit Milah of their youngest grandchild and the family gets together for the first time in a while. Comments on circumcision, food, religion, looks and being French create a lively/tense atmosphere and their relationship is damaged. But Christmas is coming up and everyone prepares for a quarrel-less reunion to please the parents. After seeing her parents deal so badly with the multicultural choices of her sisters, the youngest daughter feels insecure. She does have a catholic boyfriend, but he’s – you guessed it – black.

First and foremost this is a simple comedy filled with easy jokes that can both please children and their grandparents. It’s so lame that they even explain the most obvious jokes, which of course totally ruins it for the smarter part of the audience. Example: the parents have to bury the foreskin of their grandchild. After having dug a hole in their garden, they drop the small box with the prepuce. Next image is the house dog. Funny. But then they film the dog eating the foreskin and have the parents say ‘oh my got, the dog ate the foreskin’. Honestly, the makers must have bought ‘Killing A Joke For Dummies’.

It’s also the perfect movie for the moderate racists who don’t think they are. The sons-in-law are incredibly well ‘integrated’. They get up and sing the national anthem for about a minute and a half, louder and louder. Of course, the French audience will love this movie and these characters. They are just French. But the fourth son-in-law isn’t. His family lives in Ivory Coast and are depicted as really different. The jokes about the African family aren’t lame, but embarrassing and inconsistent.

However, all in all. It’s pretty harmless. And at times pretty funny. Stereotypical thinking is a natural part of society. We may as well just laugh about it.