Blue Ruin – **1/2

Posted: August 5, 2014 in 2013, Crime/Detective, Drama, Revenge, Thriller, USA, XX1/2

Sometimes you just have to enter a theatre room without knowing anything about the movie you’re going to see to have a great experience.

Blue Ruin is that kind of movie. No buzz, no stars, no particular intriguing synopsis. But it’s playing as an alternative to Transformers and sequels of animations movies for kids and it will thrill you in a fascinating way.

A strange man looking like a bum awaits the release of a prisoner and follows the family car to a place where they celebrate his homecoming. The atmosphere is tense and grim and you can expect what’s going to happen next: he’s out for a vengeance and about to kill the released criminal. There you go. You need know nothing more.

It’s an indie revenge thriller set in a foresty area with unknown actors who perform well. The soundtrack is efficient and the directing is subtle and superb. Don’t expect a Tarantino – there is no humour and any coolness is absent -, but prepare for some very explicit and often absurd scenes.

Nice Surprise

  1. Eva says:

    weird but good …like so many things !

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