Game Of Thrones Season 2 – **

Posted: August 6, 2014 in 2012, Fantasy, TV series, UK, USA, XX

The first season of Game Of Thrones intrigued, the second season is annoying and even boring by the end. There are just too many characters and too many story lines and nobody to empathize with. Hey, there’s not even anyone to despise more than the others. It’s all bland and superficial and a waste of talent. It does not make you look forward to the next seasons. Who cares who’s on the throne? None deserves it anyways.

It’s amazing how many followers this show has. Sure, the lavish set designs and ultra cool costumes are something to keep staring at, and there is a lot of female nudity, which may appeal to a lot of fantasy porn nerds. But the action scenes aren’t all that impressive and there is still little humor. However, if a show that is based on medieval fairy tales and royal legends starts having zombies coming for an attack, than there is something really wrong.





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