Classic – Star Wars Trilogy – Episodes IV, V & VI – ***(*)

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Children/Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction, USA, XXX1/2

At age 40 it still gives pleasure to watch the original Star Wars trilogy. For the first time on Blu-Ray.

Sure, it’s corny and The Return of the Jedi doesn’t quite deserve ***, but A New Hope (***1/2) and The Empire Strikes Back (***) definitely do. The magic is gone, the secrets are revealed, the background of the characters are defined, the special effects are dated, the alien creatures are ridiculously animated, so all that is left are the funny one liners by Han Solo, the eternally awesome light saber fights, the immortal lines of Darth Vader, the magnificent soundtrack, the charming but awkward acting of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill and the hilarious antics of RD2D & C-3PO…

  1. […] anticipation of The Force Awakens, the seventh episode in the Star Wars sage, and after re-watching the original trilogy about a year ago, it felt necessary to re-watch episodes I, II and III […]

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