Hippocrate – ***

Posted: September 9, 2014 in 2014, Drama, Dramedy, France, Social Drama, XX1/2

Hippocrate is a fictional, but reality tv-like account of a young intern starting to work in the hospital where his father runs a floor. It shows a confident young student getting confronted with the harsh realities of the environment he’ll be working in for the rest of his planned career.

It’s basically an Entre Les Murs or Polisse version of E.R. and Dr. House. It’s very French, in its references and atmosphere, and shows you life at it can be in a French hospital. It’s also very French as in ‘very un-American’ and may not be to everyone’s liking. This may never get released in the US, but it would be interesting to see and hear the reactions of an American audience after watching this movie. French movies somehow always feel more real. Of course many American doctors are smoking and drinking as well, but when you see it in a show like E.R. it becomes a plot line and isn’t just a random fact.

The movie itself has a lot of things going for. First there’s the impressive performance by Vincent Lacoste, who seems to just be playing himself rather than a character. Then there is the brilliant acting of the rest of the case, who all feel as real as can be. The story line is meager, but efficient. There is plenty of humor next to all the drama (some reviews call this a comedy), but it’s subtle and doesn’t interfere with the more serious aspect. Plus it makes you think about the French (European) healthcare system and isn’t afraid to show how it sometimes does not work.

Worth watching



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