Fa Yeung Nin Wa (In The Mood For Love) – **(*)

Posted: September 22, 2014 in 2000, Drama, Hong Kong, Romance, XX1/2

In The Mood For Love is a very atmospheric romantic drama about two neighbors who seek each others’ company once they realize that their partners are having an affair. That’s basically it. The story isn’t all that important, it’s the setting, the colors, the costume design, the acting and the musical score  that create a certain uniqueness. Tony Leung is great – as always. He even won the best actor prize at the Cannes film festival for his part. But Maggie Cheung is even more impressive. She is the personification of grace and beauty. She wears a different dress in every scene and you don’t have to be a fashionista to look forward to the next scene and see what’s she’s wearing now. The directing by Kar Wai Wong is weird – as usual. But it works. The camera focuses on a few locations only and the clever thing is that you never see the adulterous partners. In fact, it’s a bit set up as a thriller. You can interpret the movie however you want. Most will see the relationship between Leung’s and Cheung’s characters as pure platonic. There is only one hint of physical interaction when their hands touch gently. But it’s really not 100% clear that they don’t have a sexual affair as well. You just don’t see it. The ending is a bit abrupt and jumps from Hong Kong to Cambodia for no particular reason. But it’s a great movie about (unrequited) love…



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