Met Alle Respect – *

Posted: September 23, 2014 in 2012, Netherlands, Stand Up, X

45 year old Dutch stand up comedian Theo Maassen has a midlife crisis and is frustrated about his life as a settled father in the changed Dutch political climate. And he nags nags nags nags nags nags nags nags nags… without ever being funny. Okay, it’s not completely without humor, but it’s more of a drag really. Stand up comedians should bring you laughter. It really doesn’t work when they try to be serious about a topic and then make it less serious by adding a quick joke around it. No no no. Plus, when are stand up comedians going to stop dissing the easy targets? The royal family, the inhabitants of the christian musical enclave Volendam, the voters of the Islamophobic party, the mother of his daughter, his parents-in-law… really? Disappointing.


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