The Drop – **

Posted: September 24, 2014 in 2014, Crime/Detective, Drama, Heist, USA, XX1/2

It’s not easy to  create a captivating and atmospheric crime drama with a lousy story, but director Michael Roskam and lead actor Tom Hardy pull it off with The Drop. There’s nothing thrilling or exciting about the story, but the movie keeps you entertained for 100 minutes thanks to those two. Sure, the writers should be given some credit for creating a character like Bob Saginowski, but still. It’s Tom Hardy who embodies him like it’s his debut role and it’s Michael Roskam who gives him a fabulous stage to shine.

It’s a crime drama though, which has its fans and foes. Like romantic comedies. If you’re a fan, you’ll like this one. If you just have seen too many of them, you won’t.

The Drop focuses on the bartender of a bar, which is owned by gangsters and occasionally used by them to drop dirty money in empty beer barrels. A hold up in the beginning of the movie makes you realize that the story will lead up to a hold up of the same bar on the night it features as the drop bar. Great premise. But the hold up story is only second fiddle to the less appealing tale of a seemingly quiet and reserved bartender working in a gangster world who finds affection when he discovers a pit bull dog in a garbage bin and encounters its crazy former owner and the owner’s troubled ex girl friend. Yawn.

The commercially inefficient original title was Animal Rescue, but they could have just called it Bob Saginowski. The best way to enjoy it is to watch it as a character study. Forget the whole drop. It’s just a setting.

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