Larger Than Life – ***1/2

Posted: September 25, 2014 in 2011, Comedy, Flanders, Stand Up, XXX1/2

Larger Than Life is stand up comedian Alex Agnew’s best of – show. And it’s hilarious. It’s so much more Alex Agnew than his last performance The Legend Ends. The guy excels at imitating sounds and creating funny absurd characters, which works great in a large event hall. It’s remarkable how his best moments aren’t politically incorrect. They are centered around sex, faeces, sex, penises, vomit, music and sex. Sure, his comments on religious fundamentalists are clever as well. But in the end, you’ll laugh the most when he imitates a mosquito or parodies a Hitler speech for more tits and asses!

you’ll only get it if you understand Dutch (and German as spoken by the Dutch-speakers): All Women Should Have Big Tits! No Sillicone Tits that remain upright when the women are on their back. And for the our fellow gay friends: Big Dicks!


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