The Legend Ends – ***

Posted: September 25, 2014 in 2013, Comedy, Flanders, Stand Up, XXX

When a stand up comedian fills the biggest event hall of the country, expectations are high. Especially when the comedian is a bit of an anti-establishment rebel who disses everything that is mainstream. The irony.

Alex Agnew is very popular with the festival crowd. He makes rock ‘n roll comedy and is a master in imitating sounds and expressions. He’s politically incorrect and is at his best when he exaggerates and gives an absurd twist to very common events or opinions. His humor asks for a big stage and it surprisingly works well. He manages to be interactive with a + 15K crowd and improvises at times. It takes some time to start laughing, but once it gets going it’s a lot fun.

The show has English subtitles, but isn’t really intended for an international audience. Flemish humor can be really absurd and ironic and is much more vulgar and hard than that of neighboring cultures. In fact, the French-speaking part of Belgium doesn’t get our humor and considers it racist. Just because they don’t get the irony. Part of the show deals about how political correctness has changed our natural-born sense of laughing with each others differences and that’s exactly where the show has its flaws too. Alex Agnew has to explain the jokes, put them in a context, reassure people that it’s humor and you feel that he’s frustrated about it. Maybe that’s why he’s taking a break from comedy.

Not every joke or social comment is right on, but if you’re a fan of Little Britain give it a chance.







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