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There’s little good about this mediocre horror thriller. It still gets half a star because it’s clearly made with a huge effort and a lot of passion. But it misses the basic ingredient that horror thrillers should have: suspense. It also misses a believable plot. And it has characters smoking indoor in public rooms and then actually throwing the cigarettes on the floor. The fact that those scenes annoy the most says a lot about the quality of the movie.

A detective has been put on a bizarre case in which a boy went missing after his parents were found chain-bound at home. Probably the work of a child molesting psychopath. It brings back memories to the detective’s childhood in which his brother went missing after he was molested by a neighbor.

It’s incredibly how many good reviews this movie got. Did they see another movie? Nothing makes sense in the script. There’s no empathy for any character whatsoever. The acting is wooden. There are several exploitation scenes that add nothing to the story at all and don’t even shock because they are so predictable and cheap.

Seven or Silence of the Lambs it is definitely NOT.



Tamara Drew – *1/2

Posted: October 13, 2014 in 2010, Dramedy, UK, X1/2

A small village in the English countryside gets the visit of a former inhabitant, who transformed from an ugly duckling to a charming bombshell. She used to be teased for her big nose, but that got fixed. The operation, however, did not erase the memories of her youth in which she felt insecure and vulnerable. Her presence causes a stir in the village community, some of which are guests of a popular crime novel writer who is cheating on his wife.

It all starts of great with views of a nice country side, the introduction of interesting characters  and good acting by lesser known actors. It’s really promising because you hope that by the end of the movie all the separate storylines will come together to a great finale. But alas, that never happens. Some storylines just end abruptly, other take on a boring twist. It’s exactly the kind of movie that I would write, starting of great but ending terrible. I am not sure if the writer and the director are happy with the end result.

But still entertaining.


Lucy – **1/2

Posted: October 3, 2014 in 2014, Action, Fantasy, France, Science Fiction, XX1/2

Scarlet Johansen and Luc Besson are a great match. He already is a successful director in Europe and she finally makes him score a huge blockbuster hit in the states. It’s mindless popcorn fun, but without all the annoying elements of latest Hollywood fare. At least the main character can act and draw your attention. Scarlet has that mesmerising skill of making the viewer believe anything she says, however stupid it may be.

The story is set in current times where Johansen’s character is forced to transport a new drug from Asia to Europe. A bag is inserted in her belly, but tears apart after someone kicks her. The drug creates new energy and enhances her senses and it seems to just get worse and worse. It allows her to escape and fight off the owners of the new drug, but she realises her time is limited. And she needs more of the drugs in order to survive a few more hours.

Again this is great popcorn mindless entertainment ! The car chase in Paris is awesome, the hospital shoot out is fun and scarlet is amazing.

More !!!


After having spent a sunday with her daughter, who attends a boarding school in Deauville, a seaside town in Normandy, a Parisian widow misses her train back home. She meets a man, whose son also attends the same school and he offers her a lift back home. On the way back they get to know each other and decide to take the journey again together. Soon, a romance starts…

Not sure what the fuzz is all about. This movie won several awards (Golden Palm for best movie; best script and best foreign language film at the Oscars a.o.), but it fails to impress anno 2014. Maybe it just didn’t pass the test of time. A Brief Encounter manages to still captivate after all those decades and that’s an even older film. It’s interesting to see how these two characters meet by accident and how the romance starts by just being in each others presence from time to time. They learn from each other by talking about the present and the past, all shown to the viewer by means of flashbacks. And maybe that’s where it doesn’t work anymore now. These side-scenes are way too long and filmed with such a low budget that you only wish they had just been deleted entirely. The music (with its famous tune) adds to the charm, but the fact that all indoor scenes are in black/white and all the outdoor scenes are in color isn’t all that exciting. So, yeah, maybe it was a statement back in the mid sixties to give awards to a low budget movie from Europe as opposed to the big blockbuster movies made in Hollywood. Because in the meantime we’ve seen Before Sunrise, which is way better and got underrated.