Tamara Drew – *1/2

Posted: October 13, 2014 in 2010, Dramedy, UK, X1/2

A small village in the English countryside gets the visit of a former inhabitant, who transformed from an ugly duckling to a charming bombshell. She used to be teased for her big nose, but that got fixed. The operation, however, did not erase the memories of her youth in which she felt insecure and vulnerable. Her presence causes a stir in the village community, some of which are guests of a popular crime novel writer who is cheating on his wife.

It all starts of great with views of a nice country side, the introduction of interesting characters  and good acting by lesser known actors. It’s really promising because you hope that by the end of the movie all the separate storylines will come together to a great finale. But alas, that never happens. Some storylines just end abruptly, other take on a boring twist. It’s exactly the kind of movie that I would write, starting of great but ending terrible. I am not sure if the writer and the director are happy with the end result.

But still entertaining.



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