True Blood Season 4 – **

Posted: December 2, 2014 in 2011, Dramedy, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, TV series, USA, XX

Last time I finished a season of True Blood was three years ago. The vampires/werewolves/shapeshifter soap nonsense just didn’t do it for me anymore. But hey, the BluRay Season 4 box was at sale for 5 euro, so I gave it another shot.

I’m ready to re-sell it again. Maybe I’ll get 10 euro, who knows.

The good thing about this season is that it doesn’t take itself serious at all. It’s like the producers thought: all novelty is gone, let’s just make it so ridiculously stupid that it becomes fun again. And they succeeded.

It starts off great with Sookie returning from a few moments in the world of fairies to discover that she’s been gone for more than a year in the ‘real’ world. Great premise, really. But then the soap starts. Betrayal, reconciliation, addiction, murder, cheating, breakups and nothing makes sense. A bunch of witches gather under the leadership of an old sorcerer that was once killed by vampires centuries ago and is now out for revenge. In the meantime all lesser important characters of the previous seasons get more attention than usual. Fine, but it takes away the focus on the main personas. Half of the season Eric is under a spell that makes him the most boring vampire ever.

Sookie remains Sookie though. There’s nothing that can describe this naive, yet confident, sweet, yet strong, squeamish but fearless, hopelessly in love confused Southern girl. She’s unique, captivating and annoying at the same time. The most complicated tv character ever.

The last episode makes you want to start watching Season 5 though. Unless I quickly go read the synopsis on imdb…


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