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Posted: December 3, 2014 in 2013, Adventure, Australia, Drama, X1/2

A woman decides to walk across the Australian dessert from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean with a dog and four dromedaries. Her father did a similar thing in the Kalahari dessert and since she’s an orphan and doesn’t have that many friends, maybe this is what she just has to do. Before embarking on her journey she works for several months at two camel farms and by chance she meets a photojournalist who agrees to help her during the trip.

This all happened in the seventies. National Geographic put her on the cover of their magazine. And so forty years later, someone thought it was a good idea to make a movie about it. If people went to see Into The Wild and made it quite successful, maybe they wanted to watch this character leave society behind and face nature on her own.

Unfortunately nothing really happens during her trip. Sure, she gets attacked by wild camels. Some disrespectful tourists take pictures of her. She loses her compass and encounters aboriginals. There’s no drama, no excitement, no real enthusiasm, no humor, no action, no horror. There’s just vast landscapes of desolate areas with an actress, so convincingly uninteresting, that if you start watching the movie being tired, you’ll fall asleep within half an hour. The best performance comes from the large male dromedary who at one time in his career was the voice of Wookie in Star Wars. A kangaroo gets shot, a hare gets grilled on the fire, the dog dies… But I guess no animal got harmed during the shooting of the picture. The soundtrack is really good though!


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