Sharknado – *(*)

Posted: December 5, 2014 in 2013, Comedy, Fantasy, USA, X1/2

Sharknado is the kind of B-movie that will be considered a ‘cult classic’ in a few decades from now. The cool thing about this production is that it was never intended to be a blockbuster. It was made with a relatively low-budget for the SciFi channel and gained popularity because, aside from all the obvious production failures, it’s pretty entertaining.

So many things are wrong in this picture. The editing is just terrible. For example: a storm is hitting Santa Monica and several initial scenes take place in the bar at the end of the famous pier. From the bar view it’s a grey and stormy sky out there. The helicopter camera view however shows a sunny beach with clear weather. That shot is redundant, leave it out! The special effects are often ridiculous. Once the tornado hits Los Angeles, you see it spinning around the Library tower (of course), over and over again and the rest of the sky is clean. And the Sharks, well…

However, in the end, it’s fun. Just because it doesn’t take itself serious at all. It feels like a parody of all kinds of disaster movies. There are some funny one liners. And once you accept the fact that it’s a low-budget b-movie trying to look like a big blockbuster action movie, it’s very entertaining. Some scenes are really cool, like the one featured in the trailer where someone kills a shark falling out of the sky with a chainsaw. And there are no boring moments at all. The acting and the script aren’t all that bad really, because who watches this movie for the acting and the script? How often do you get to see a movie where the synopsis is explained in the one word movie title.


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