Les Liens Du Sang – *(*)

Posted: December 7, 2014 in 2008, Cop Movie, Crime/Detective, Drama, France, X1/2

A former criminal gets released from prison and tries to stay on the right path. He gets help from his brother, who chose a totally different kind of life and became a cop. It doesn’t take long for the ex con to fall back into his bad habits, damaging his troubled relationship with his family even more.

This is the original movie on which Blood Ties, a crime drama released earlier this year, was based. Time to rent that movie soon, just to see what was kept and what was changed of the story.

This version has so many side stories that don’t lead to anywhere in particular. They are intriguing, but don’t get fully exploited and explained. It turns out this movie was supposed to have been a television series, but they ran out of production money, so they turned it into a 100 minute cinematic release. Too bad. Now it feels like the movie is unfinished.

The acting is solid. The atmosphere grim and imitating movies like The French Connection. The script is not all that bad to be honest. A lot is explained by simple dialogue. But halfway through the movie you are wondering where it all leads to and the disappointment is huge when it ends into confusing nothingness.

Missed chance.



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