Blood Ties – **(*)

Posted: December 11, 2014 in 2013, Cop Movie, Crime/Detective, Drama, Family Feud, USA, XX1/2

It’s interesting to watch Blood Ties two days after experiencing Les Liens Du Sang, the movie of which it is a remake. The American version makes more sense, is more stylish and has a better soundtrack. The French original has better actors.

In fact, the main problem of this remake is the cast. It’s such a rich collection of great talent that it ultimately disappoints. Clive Owen acts cool, but that’s about it. Billy Cudrup seems to be debuting. Marillon Cottilard is unusually unimpressive. Matthias Schoenaerts hardly has any screen time. Neither has  Mila Kunis or James Caan. Only Zoey Zaldna steals the show. It’s weird, because the main actor of the original version is the director of the remake, so you’d expect him to be more of an actor’s director. However, he excels in creating a cool atmosphere and he did an awesome job re-writing the script and leaving out all the unnecessary scenes of the original one.

It’s a bit simplified, but it makes more sense. A cop is reluctant to share his apartment with his older brother who was just released from prison. There’s little trust between them and with reason. The gangster soon starts taking jobs that may get him arrested and jeopardize the position of his brother, the cop. A lot of other things are happening as well. Too many other things. Too many characters are introduced and aren’t fully developed.

The original movie was intended as a television series, but got shortened. This remake was re-written as a movie on its own, but would be a great pilot for a new HBO production.

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