The Interview – *(*)

Posted: December 29, 2014 in 2014, Action, Comedy, Parody, USA, X1/2

No, it’s not a good movie.

But you know what? It’s not a really bad movie either.

It’s entertaining pulp which gets funnier towards the end, when it becomes a James Bond parody with silly sex, fight and chase scenes.The start is also quite good, with Eminem coming out of the closet, making sure that every viewer (who knows rapper Eminem and his homophobic lyrics) understands that this movie is NOT to be taken seriously. However, for an hour or so nothing really happens. No action, no humor, no drama. Nothing but stupid conversations about buttholes, rectums, asses, … and references to the Lord Of The Rings. Oh and lines like ‘hater gonna hate and ain’t-ers gonna ain’t’.

James Franco’s performance is really bad. He even sucks at overacting. Apart from the moment where he says ‘WHAT?’ after he learns he, as an interviewer, needs to kill the leader of North Korea. That was pretty cool. It lasts two seconds.

Seth Rogen’s performance is pretty much like all his other performances. The guy sticks to playing one character that never bores. Here he’s a producer of a showbiz talk show who wants to be taken seriously and takes on the request to have his presenter interview the worlds most hated leader.

Again, not really worth the watch. But it’s not as bad as they say.


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