Under The Skin – *

Posted: December 29, 2014 in 2013, Art, Science Fiction, UK, USA, X

Under The Skin is on a lot of best of-lists this year. For Scarlett Johansson sake: WHY?

Sure, she’s mesmerizing and she’s great to watch from beginning to end. Her natural curves are pleasing to the eye and her stare hypnotizes until the very last moment. But she’s the only reason why you would want to start (and finish) watching this artsy fartsy science fiction tale about an alien luring single men into a black void.

If it weren’t for her, the picture would only be shown in a very small room in a renowned but little visited Museum of Modern Art somewhere far far away. The LENTO in Linz or The CAAM in Las Palmas to name just two. A perfect hideaway from the rain outside and if they have comfortable sitting bags a great sleeping place after a late night partying.

Best movie of the year?  Get out of the movie theatre, reviewers all over the world, and go visit a museum for a change. There you might find unique video performances.

Great haunting film score though. Hence the *.


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