Whiplash – ***(*)

Posted: December 31, 2014 in 2014, Drama, Musical, USA, XXX1/2
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Last movie of the year, but what a great one.

Don’t watch the trailer. Just know that it’s about a drummer who wants to be the best in his field (jazz) and who is psychologically bullied by the conductor of the studio band he plays for.

It’s like Black Swan meets Full Metal Jacket, but much better. It’s a musical drama that feels like a psychological thriller. J.K. Simmons is tipped to win the Oscar for best supporting actor, which is silly because he’s the antagonist and has more screen time than Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs. True, his chances would be slimmer in the best actor category, but still. The guy isn’t supporting, he’s leading. He’s an incredibly intriguing character who not only plays with the feelings of his students, but also with those of the audience. He’s excellent and so is  Miles Teller, who doesn’t seem to get any nomination at all. What’s wrong with you award giving people? This kid is thé revaluation of the movie. He IS his character. And what about director Damien Gazelle! This really isn’t about the actors only. The visuals, the editing, the dialogue… it’s all brilliant.

Probably the best movie of the year !


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