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Bowling Balls – 0

Posted: December 26, 2014 in 2014, Comedy, Crime/Detective, Flanders

This new absurd Flemish comedy about rival bike gangs has a stellar cast, but doesn’t even deliver ONE funny scene.

It’s shocking to see these talented people be so … mediocre and bad. They most likely had a lot of fun making the movie, but can’t be proud of the final product. They can’t. They really can’t.

Worst movie of the year.

Bon Dieu – *

Posted: December 26, 2014 in 2014, Comedy, France, X

Xmas viewing for the family: Bon Dieu, or originally released as Qu’est-Ce Qu’on A Fait Au Bon Dieu, the most successful French movie of the year (making an impressive 100.000 $ at the French box office – the number 2 only made 45.000 $).

Didn’t like it the first time around, got even more annoyed by the simplistic humor and bad acting this time around.

Probably great as a stage play in the local theatre in order to get different communities together, but pretty lame as a cinematic release. But hey, the masses loved it.

Season 6 of Parks and Recreation was available for only 9,99 $ in the iTunes Store! There were two seconds of doubt before the purchase, because of the lack of having seen the entire previous seasons. But years of laughing my ass off while watching random episodes on airplanes and hotel rooms killed the doubt. 9.99 $ for 13 hours of quirky humor: a must!

For those who don’t know the show (it’s not a hit in Europe), Parks and Recreation is a mockery reality tv sitcom (like The Office) set in a city hall department of a small fictional Midwestern town called Pawnee. The stories are centred around council woman Lesley Knope and her team.

It helps if you know the characters before starting this season, but it’s not really necessary. It also helps if you feel the gist of the show. All actors seem to play a slightly different version of themselves. All of them aren’t exactly versatile actors, but have created a character best fitting to their (comedy) skills. Amy Poehler (best known for imitating Hilary Clinton on Saturday Night Live) is excellent as the overzealous town representative whose eager to make Pawnee a better place is both motivating and annoying. She’s in almost every single scene. All the others are just supporting. Rob Lowe is the most famous of them all, but his character is by far the most awkward. He’s a daft city manager obsessed with living healthily. Stand up comedian Retta (no last name) is the funniest as extreme social networking Donna. The best quotes come from Nick Offerman who plays a grumpy yet pragmatic hater of all things government. Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza have created interesting characters too. One who thinks he’s cooler than cool and the other who covers being incredibly nice by wishing for terrible things to happen.

Again, this show is hilarious if you get the quirky and absurd humour. If you don’t, you may prefer going to see Dumb and Dumber Too… I laughed out loud. A lot.

In a recent discussion about the state of blockbuster action movies, a friend claimed to be more forgiving for senseless scripts when it comes to motion pictures that bring back memories of his youth. After he dissed the silliness of the Lucy and John Wick story lines, he admitted being more tolerant towards The Avengers and The Transformers because he read the comics and played with the robot cars as a kid. I did neither of both, so my preference definitely goes to mindless entertainment starring Scarlett Johansson or Keanu Reeves.

After watching Ridley Scott’s Exodus a similar thought ran through my head. If you grew up with bible/thora/koran stories, you kind of know what to expect and can only be intrigued by this 2014 blockbuster interpretation. If you never read or heard the epic tale of Moses liberating his people from slavery and leading them to the promised land, you may experience this movie very differently and often think: WTF!

It’s presumptuous to believe that the story is known to all, but even if you have no religious upbringing, you still might have seen the animation movie The Prince Of Egypt. 

Exodus: Gods and Kings is good entertainment. Even in 3D. It’s epic in the sense that no costs were spared for costumes and set designs. But when you strip it from all the visual flair, you end up with a non-confrontational good vs bad story. That’s not bad. It’s not as pretentious as Noah and not as religiously inspired as Son Of God. It’s just a good historical epic story with little to complain about. Apart from details like the miscasting of Ramses (why choose an unknown caucasian guy, if you get someone like Said Taghmaoui?) and illogical images like Ramses’ army first being heavily decimated by a stone avalanche and then suddenly being larger than ever when they reach the Red Sea.

Eden Lake – ***

Posted: December 18, 2014 in 2008, Horror, Thriller, UK, XXX

A couple goes camping near a deserted lake and gets bullied by a group of young kids. Things get really bad when their car gets stolen and they claim it back.

Eden Lake is an incredibly thrilling and action packed horror movie. It doesn’t have any extraordinary special effects and the gore is limited to a few images. But the script keeps on going and surprises with simple, but efficient twists. The acting of Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly is superb. As a viewer you believe every single feeling of fear, anger, frustration, despair and rage. The bullies are less enticing. They are soulless, numb and horrifying.

Luckily, this is a British production with an end that makes perfect sense! Great directorial debut! If you have given up on thrillers and horror movies, see this one. It will make you appreciate the genre again.

E.R. Season 15 – *(*)

Posted: December 12, 2014 in 2009, Disease of the week, Drama, USA, X1/2

Last season.

Really not the best.

Not even the cameo’s of former cast members are good.

Badly scripted and acted as if they all wanted it to end.


John Wick – **

Posted: December 12, 2014 in 2014, Action, Revenge, USA, XX

Keanu Reeves is excellent as an expressionless action hero out for revenge once his dog gets killed by the son of a gangster, whom he used to work for as a hitman.

It’s a senseless revenge movie with great ‘one man vs a dozen aggressors’ fight scenes, originally choreographed and not all too graphical. Compared to The Equalizer with its explicit gore and lack of humor, this one is filled with suggestive moves and a lot of irony. It also doesn’t take itself serious at all, but looks very professional nonetheless.

Sure, the story is silly, but the entertainment is great. A sequel please!