Let’s Be Cops – *(*)

Posted: February 1, 2015 in 2014, Comedy, Cop Movie, USA, X1/2

This buddy cop comedy has a good set up: two losers dress up like police officers for a party and suddenly get a lot of respect and attention. They decide to ‘play’ cop some more until they really get into trouble and there’s no turning back.

Jake Johnson is pretty hilarious as an unemployed adult child, finally discovering what he really wants to be in life: a cop. Damon Wayans Jr is funny too in his girlish underdog sweetheart kind of way. It’s obvious they had a blast making this movie and some of it actually entertains the audience too. But it’s also clear that the writers had no idea how to fill 90 minutes with this concept, so they added a lot of rubbish as well.

That said, it’s mindless fun. There’s much worse out there.


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